January 8, 2021


Dear Members, Friends and Guests:


The Chandler Unified School District (CUSD) returned to online classes for two weeks, beginning January 6th.  Their reason for returning to online learning was out of concern that some students had traveled out of town or attended large family gatherings for their winter intercession break.  By providing an opportunity for students to quarantine at home before returning to school on January 19th, they hope to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus.

On Epiphany’s campus, we returned to in-person Sunday School, Confirmation, and my Adult Bible Study on January 3rd.  We will continue to meet on Sunday mornings as scheduled.  However, if the CUSD chooses to keep students online rather than returning to campuses for in-person learning on January 19th, we will re-evaluate our in-person classes on Sunday mornings.   

For ALL ACTIVITIES on-campus, PLEASE be vigilant to wear your mask at all times, practices 6’ of social distancing, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer as needed, and stay home if you are sick.  Regardless of how you feel about the pandemic and your risk of contracting this virus, I am asking that you do this for the love of your neighbor as Jesus commanded in Mark 12: 31. 


This Weekend

 After the riot at our nation’s capital on Wednesday, my message will focus on the unity we share as Christians, a unity that is critical for us to understand and practice. 

On Sunday, from Noon to 3 pm, I will be leading the new member’s class.  Lunch will be provided.  Please email Pam at Pam@EpiphanyChandler.org or call her at 480.606.8045 to reserve your place in the class.


What Happened to This Week’s Devotion?

I apologize for not posting this week’s online devotion.  I’m suspectable to seasonal allergies in our beautiful state and with the ongoing pandemic, it’s occasionally difficult to determine whether symptoms are allergies or a cold or COVID-19.  Fortunately, as a Moderna Phase 3 Coronavirus Vaccine Trial participant, I can be screened quickly for COVID-19.  But with request that you stay at home if you are sick, I worked from home this week until I was symptom-free. The next devotion will be posted this Wednesday, January 13, 2021.


Holy Communion Schedule Change

In an effort to further minimize the spread of the Coronavirus at Epiphany, we are changing our Holy Communion schedule to the first, third, and fifth Sundays of the month with their corresponding Saturdays.  This allows our quartets to sing on the Chancel on the second and fourth Sundays without the Holy Communion tables directly in front of them.  This change is based on member feedback.  Our first celebration of Holy Communion in 2021 will be next weekend, January 16th and 17th.  


Holy Communion by Private Appointment

Deacon Bob celebrates Holy Communion this Thursday, January 14th from 2 to 3 pm, and on Saturday, January 16th from 10 am to Noon in Room 220.  We kindly ask all communicants to abide by of our Coronavirus precautions as outlined above.

If you would like to receive the Sacrament this week, please email Pam by 5 pm on Wednesday, January 13th at Pam@EpiphanyChandler.org or call her at 480.606.8045.


Finally, please join me in prayer for our nation for a peaceful transition of power on Inauguration Day.  One of Paul’s very first instructions to his protégé, Timothy was to pray “for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness” (1 Timothy 2:2 NIV).  Regardless of our political parties, this is what God commands.


May God richly bless and keep you safe we journey together through this pandemic.

Joyfully Serving Jesus,


Pastor Mark Rossington