May 16, 2020 

Dear Members, Friends and Guests,  

We have set a tentative date to reopen our campus on June 15th.  If our state and local health authorities enact new restrictions because of the Coronavirus, we are prepared to delay reopening our campus.  Your safety is our paramount concern.   

We will reintroduce activities on our campus in phases.  Phase 1 is to resume public worship services and on the 2nd & 4th Sundays, celebrate Holy Communion.  We are determining what modifications we need to make and what protocols to follow to worship as safely as possible.   

The “new normal” at Epiphany will be different and require sacrifices on everyone’s part.  Putting the greater good of the Body of Christ above our personal preferences or desires honors Christ and loves our neighbors as ourselves.  

If you are in a high-risk group or feel especially vulnerable to being infected by the virus, please know that we are discussing ways in which we can continue to offer an online presence until this pandemic subsides.  Every member, guest or friend of Epiphany needs access to Christ’s ministry of Word and Sacrament despite the challenges that we face. 

Until we begin on-campus worship services, we are providing the following: 

Daily Devotions 

I will continue to offer daily video devotions.  Simply click the Devotions tab.     

Online Worship Services 

We are offering an online Sunday Worship Service with basic elements of the Lutheran liturgy, well-known hymns & songs, and a Biblical message tailored for the challenges we face during this pandemic.  Our Children’s and Youth Ministry Leader also offers a Sunday Kid’s Church video.  Both weekly videos may be found under the Devotions tab. 

Tithes and Offerings 

For our members and regular guests, we are solely dependent on your tithes and offerings to cover all expenses.  To find easy ways to give, click the Giving tab. On your mobile device, select Giving from the menu.  We thank those who have faithfully maintained their giving throughout this pandemic.  For those who income has been adversely affected, we understand.  


Please feel free to email us at Info@EpiphanyChandler.org and a staff member will be happy to assist you. 

Please join me in praying for that God will bring a swift end to the suffering that this pandemic has caused. 

Joyfully Serving Jesus, 

Pastor Mark